Public Speaking

Mandi is able to give expert advice and opinion on matters including:

  • How a growth year in Tuscany has changed her life;

  • Being your own boss - the good, the bad and the ugly;

  • Building a digital community;

  • How she turned a blog into Australia's largest digital media company for parents.

She is a regular guest on The Today Show, The  Project and Today Tonight and plays a key role with Heads Over Heels, a group that helps women entrepreneurs, in her capacity as a mentor to others starting out in business.


I have known of Mandi for over 15 years since she started her last very successful and high profile business, and watched from afar with awe at how she built it into the juggernaut that it grew into. I know how incredibly hard that would have been to do and the leadership skills, business savvy and tenacity that would have been needed to do what she did. Mandi is not only a dynamic, energetic and passionate speaker, but she is also one of few who has actually proven her success in the business world. She presents powerful, and clear messages that not only resonate because they are personal accounts, but also because they provide a refreshing and honest viewpoint which is rare. I would highly recommend Mandi as a speaker, consultant or mentor – she has such a wealth of experience and knowledge that she could bring to any business in any industry.

Sophie Andrews, CEO – The Accounts Studio & The Training Studio

When I reached out to Mandi about coming to speak at Hubb Hubb in Wagga not only did she agree, she was super easy to work with. From touch down Mandi delighted everyone she interacted with, she spent some one on one time with our guests as well as presenting her keynote. Mandi gave a real account of not only her journey but what it takes to build a business. She shared some brutal truth and was an open book. Everyone who attended was blown away and walked away with a few things they could implement to help their business.  From tech to cheezels and everything else in between, do yourself a favour and book Mandi to speak at your event if it is 20 or 200 I guarantee everyone will walk away inspired and with some tips to action to move the thread in their business.

Simone Eyles, Director 365Cups

Hi Mandi. I just wanted to tell you how fantastic and inspiring my friend and I found your presentation at the Run The World conference. Your achievements are amazing and your witty personality left us giggling and whispering "yep, Mandi could easily be our friend" lol. Thank you again Mandi. 

P. Symons (VIC)

Hi Mandi, I was at your Facebook talk yesterday and just wanted to say It was a pleasure to hear you speak. I also wanted to say Thank you for 'keeping it real'. The cheezel story was Fabulous. I am a huge fan. Thank you for time.

L. Hill (NSW)

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