Advisory Services

I love business, always have since I was a child. I started my first business in primary school and then many more through High School and University.

I launched a cookie company at 22, a relocation company at 25 and at 29, a blog which I turned into Australia’s largest digital media publishing company for Mums - Babyology which was successfully acquired in 2017.

Right now I am working with a select group of small and medium businesses to help in many ways including:

  • Help to remove roadblocks - people, operations, financial

  • Scaling the business

  • Fundraising when needed - working through capital raise options

  • Traction with retailers

  • Creating partnerships and collaborations

  • Reaching women in Australia

  • Attracting and hiring the right people to grow the business

  • Social media engagement on the various platforms

  • Relevant introductions to my networks

  • Analysis on strategic plans

  • Track strategic outcomes

  • Finally, keeping you accountable with metrics set per quarter to help you stay on track and avoid distractions

Packages are offered for face to face or skype meetings, hourly, weekly, once a fortnight or monthly.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can work together to scale your business!