Advisory Services

I love business, always have since I was a child. I started my first business in primary school and then many more through High School and University.

I launched a cookie company at 22, a relocation company at 25 and at 29, a blog which I turned into Australia’s largest digital media publishing company for Mums - Babyology which was successfully acquired in 2017.

Right now I am working with a select group of small and medium businesses to help in many ways including:

  • Help to remove roadblocks - people, operations, financial

  • Scaling the business

  • Fundraising when needed - working through capital raise options

  • Traction with retailers

  • Creating partnerships and collaborations

  • Reaching women in Australia

  • Attracting and hiring the right people to grow the business

  • Social media engagement on the various platforms

  • Relevant introductions to my networks

  • Analysis on strategic plans

  • Track strategic outcomes

  • Finally, keeping you accountable with metrics set per quarter to help you stay on track and avoid distractions

Packages are offered for face to face or skype meetings, hourly, weekly, once a fortnight or monthly.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can work together to scale your business!


I have known of Mandi for over 15 years since she started her last very successful and high profile business, and watched from afar with awe at how she built it into the juggernaut that it grew into.  Having been in business myself for about as long, I know how incredibly hard that would have been to do and the leadership skills, business savvy and tenacity that would have been needed to do what she did.  Mandi is not only a dynamic, energetic and passionate speaker, but she is also one of few who has actually proven her success in the business world. She presents powerful, and clear messages that not only resonate because they are personal accounts, but also because they provide a refreshing and honest viewpoint which is rare.  I would highly recommend Mandi as a speaker, consultant or mentor – she has such a wealth of experience and knowledge that she could bring to any business in any industry.

Sophie Andrews, CEO – The Accounts Studio & The Training Studio, Nov 2018